Junior Choristers

The St Thomas Junior Choristers are full members of the Choir and play an active role in the musical life of our church. 

The Juniors meet at 6pm in the Vicarage on a Friday evening for pizza, before rehearsing in the church at 6:30.  We then rehearse the music for Sunday with the adults, and leave at 7:15.  Junior Choristers learn the skills needed to be a good singer:  how to produce a good sound; how to read music; how to follow a conductor.  We use the Royal School of Church Music's Voice for Life materials, with the aim of working our way through the different levels and qualifications.  We sing in the choir on Sunday mornings, but our younger members can go out to Sunday School after the first hymn if they want.  It's not all hard work though, and we've got some fun activities and outings planned...keep a look-out for details.

Further information

Please contact Fr. Robert for more information.