St Thomas’ Terracycle Campaign to raise money for the Organ Fund

Photograph from Ealing Gazette 10th April 2015

Photograph from Ealing Gazette 10th April 2015

As some of you may know the church organ at St Thomas is in need of serious repair.
I have been collecting certain items that can be recycled for money for the organ appeal

The items I am collecting are as follows:

• Non savoury Biscuit wrappers  - any brand
• Plastic lids off coffee jars  - any brand
• Plastic foil bags that coffee beans and filter coffee comes in - any brand
• Plastic/foil bags that refill coffee granules come in - any brand
• Individual coffee sachets (like cappuccino and the one cup stick packets you get in hotels) - any brand
• Kenco coffee refill packs
• Tassimo coffee machine pods and the foil bags
• Ella's Kitchen Boby Food pouches

Please put them in the box in the hall Or in the box in the church porch
If you live further away you can still help. If you email me at I can send you a label and you can put your items in a box and take them to any post office, it is Freepost, and we will receive the money. 

I have since April 2012 raised £1000, so this is a worthwhile project

Thank you so much for your help

Pauline Britton