The Hanwell Organ

When St Thomas was being built, another St Thomas church (in Portman Square, London) was being closed, so the decision was made to move the organ from one to the other.  It is a fine instrument, built in 1897 by the English firm J. W. Walker and Sons, with a good range of sounds extending over 3 manuals and pedals.  Dedicated in our church in 1934 by the organist of Liverpool Cathedral Harry Goss Custard, the organ gave good service for 75 years before becoming too unreliable to meet even our most basic needs.  Restoring the Walker pipework, repairing or replacing the electric system and refurbishing the keyboards will cost an eye-watering £150,000.  We are continuing to money, and receieved a very genorous legacy from the estate of a member of St Thomas for many years, Miss Edna Cooper. This has enabled us to begin the exciting job of restroing this wonderful instrument. Click on this link to see photgraphs showing some of the amazing work which is currently taking place.

 These pages introduce the history of the organ, and provide video clips of the instrument at work. Please see the Hanwell Organ photo gallery for more pictures of the organ.

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